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Welcome To My Web Site.
This is the place where I display my collection of Metal Soldiers. Metal Soldiers are made out of a lot of different materials, most of the older ones were made of Lead and these are the ones worth the most.
About Me
I am 15 years old and I live in Tampa Fl, The first soldier I ever bought was actually not a Lead or Metal soldier. In fact it was a Wooden 54mm George Washington figure that has very in depth detail and was made in Elastolin Germany. I have no information on how old he is or how much he is worth but he is my favorite peice out of my collection. That is him above. He is dressed in an officers uniform and has a sword to his left. I noticed that much of his paint is chipping and that is why I think he is very old.
Collectors and Sellers
If you are a collector and are looking to sell Revolutionary or Civil War pieces that are old and in fairly good shape please feel free to contact me.
I am especially looking for horseback peices and flag holders.

Update to Wooden soldiers
When lead was in short supply after
World War II, The Hausser brothers of Stuttgart adopted the name Elastolin for their composition figures,a name now widely used to describe all such compund figures. Elastolin manly produced 70mm(2 3/4in.)figures from 1904 to 1943.

My George Washington was made in the mid 1930's and is worth over 50$ now.I bought it 2 years ago for about 10$

The compunds were made of (sawdust,glue,kaolin and cassein)this was first combined in Veinna in 1898.

All old Lead and Metal soldiers are hand painted and very detailed. This is what gives them there value.

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